Beyond its beaches, Goa has a remarkable collection of treasures in the form of Temples built in a unique style of Architecture. Explore these temples in the company of an archaeologist, to appreciate this the mix of ancient ones which escaped the wrath of the Portuguese and a set of temples rebuilt after they left India. In this tour, we will visit the Mahadev temple at Tamdi Surla which was built in Hemad-Panti style, the popular Mangeshi temple, and the unique Shiva temple at Saptakoteshwar.

This is an all-inclusive trip where we take care of transport,  lunch, activities and the services of an archaeologist.

The Itinerary

8 AM- Hotel Pick up

Saptakoteshwar Temple

Our cultural evangelist and archaeologist will pick you from the hotel and head towards the village of Narve.

We visit one of the most revered temples of Lord Shiva across the Konkan area.  This form of Shiva was the chief deity of the Kings of the Kadamba dynasty around the 12th century. Our Archeologist will bring alive the events of the 14th century when the Bahmani Sultan destroyed the temple and later the Vijayanagara Kings defeated the Sultan and restored the temple to its former glory. More stories will follow about how the Shiva Lingam escaped the wrath of the Portuguese.

Saptakoteshwar- temple architecture tour in Goa

Mahadev Temple at Tamdi Surla

We drive from Narve to reach Tamdi Surla the ancient Mahadev Temple.  This temple was built in the 12th century. The stone temple has been built in the Hemad-panti style of architecture. Another highlight of this temple is the reliefs of Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Parvati and other Gods.

Tamdi Surla temple, Goan temple architecture tour

2PM Lunch

Mangeshi Temple

The Mangeshi Temple used to be located in another town called Cortalem. However, in 1565, the deity was moved to the present location after the Portuguese started destroying all Hindu Temples in the region. It has a unique 7 storeyed structure for lighting the temples lamps. When the Portuguese forbade the people to follow Hindu customs in this area, this temple was transformed into a venue for conducting weddings.

Mangeshi temple, Goan temple architecture tour

5 PM Drop back to Hotel

Tour includes

  • Archaeologist
  • Transport- Car
  • Pick up and drop
  • Lunch
  • All entrance charges

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Appreciating Goan Temple architecture and culture at Shiva temple in Saptakoteshwar, Tamdi Surla and Mangeshi in the company of an archaeologist and cultural evangelist

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