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Take a guided tour on Enfield Bullet with 5 Senses Tours, which will provide an experience for all your 5 senses.

5 Senses Tours is about experiential travel. We have crafted a set of tours that provide a multi sensorial experience of fascinating parts of India. Our guided motorcycle tours are offered on Harley Davidson, Triumph and Royal Enfield. 5 Senses Tour leaders not only guide you through the route but also organize an exciting and eventful itinerary over the weekend or an entire week.

The Bewitching Ruins Trail is a fascinating tour which commences from Bangaloe and covers Hampi famed for its grand architecture, sculptures and intricate craftsmanship of Vijaynagara empire, the 6th century cave temples of Chalukya era at Badami, Aihole & Pattadakal and the legendary fort of Chitradurga. This is a 7 day trip which includes 1300 KMs of motorcycle riding, visiting a rare Bear Safari, climbing the magnificent Chitradurga fort, exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site ruins of Hampi, hitting the Ramayana trail in the ancient kingdom of Kishkinda, exploring the Cave temples of Badami, riding a Coracle on the river Tungabhadra and spending some time in the countryside with villagers. For tour details visit The Bewitching Ruins Trail.

The 6 day Wildlife and Tea Tasting Trail takes you from Bangalore to the magnificent Nilgiris which is intact one of the richest biosphere in terms of flora and fauna,  in this part of the world. The ride takes you through wildlife reserves of Bandipur, Mudumalai and Masinagudi which abound in wild life including elephants and tigers. As you ride up the blue mountains, you will be welcomed by the sight of never ending plantations of the famous Nilgiri Tea across Ooty and Coonoor  This tour experience includes wildlife safari, tea tasting sessions, Tea plantation walks, experiencing life in a Toda Tribal village and of course the charming riding experience on a Royal Enfield motorcycle over 600 KMs through forests and hills. For tour details visit Wildlife and Tea Tasting Trail.

Gods own country Trail takes you riding from Bangalore to Thekkady where India’s largest wildlife reserve, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located. The twin highlights of this 6 day tour are spotting Elephants in the wild from a boat on the Periyar river and experiencing life in a spice plantation. The memorable experience of this tour includes 1000 KMs of riding, organic farming, wild life safari, Elephant bathing, Kalaripayattu (martial art) performance, Kathakali dance drama performance, and a spice plantation experience. For tour details visit Gods own country Trail.

Take a guided tour on Enfield Bullet with 5 Senses Tours, which will provide an experience for all your 5 senses.

For folks who wish for a weekend getaway, 5 Senses Tours organizes tours over the weekend to some of the finest cultural destinations in India.

We have 2 exciting tours over the weekend from Bangalore to Mysore.

1. The “Royal Heritage & Culture Trail” is about experiencing the majestic Mysore Palace, arguably the grandest Palace in India and the Ranganathitu bird sanctuary home to thousands of birds. It also takes you on a Silk route where you appreciate the process of making the intricately designed  Silk Sarees. A private classical music performance and visiting the famed Artisans of the ancient city who are into weaving, sandalwood carving and bronze work, are the other highlights. For tour details visit Royal Heritage & Culture Trail.

2. In the “Organic Farming & Culture Trail“, we help you experience a private classical music performance, Mysore Silk weaving, Yoga & meditation, the legendary Mysore Palace and of course the charming 320 KM riding experience on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. For tour details visit Organic Farming & Culture Trail.

The “Bouldering Trail” takes us from Bangalore to a cluster of granite rocks, boulders and caves which lie on top of mountain near Kolar and which is home to a monkey infested temple and a mysterious perennial underground spring! The experience includes 220 KMs of riding Royal Enfield motorcycles,  bouldering over Antaragange, visit to Kolar Gold Fields and a safari over a bullock cart in a Blackbuck sanctuary. For tour details visit The Bouldering Trail

The “Stone Marvels Trail” takes you on a ride from Bangalore to Belur, Halebid & Shravanabelagola the triangular eloquence in stone. The highlight of this 420 KM riding tour would be the intricate manner in which scores of episodes from the great Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana have been engraved into the walls of the temples at Belur & Halebid. Sharavanabelagola is about climbing 600 steps over the top of the world’s largest monolithic stone statue. For tour details visit Stone Marvels Trail