1. What are 5 Senses Tours about?

5 Senses Tours are an immersive cultural experience that stimulate all the 5 senses. Unlike the usual travel itineraries where sight seeing is the focus, our tours help guests not only see the real India, but also smell it, touch it, feel it and hear it. Our tours are carefully crafted around scenic routes, local cuisine, experiencing local culture and participation in activities along with the local community, wherever possible.

Families can choose to experience this private & guided tour in an SUV, while couples can do this in a car. Corporate groups can choose the coach option which again comes with a full time guide. Motorcycle enthusiasts can take the thrilling option of a guided motorcycle tour in a Royal Enfield Classic which is accompanied by a tour leader, a mechanic and a support vehicle for non-riders in the group. Whatever you choose, we guarantee an experience that will stimulate all the 5 senses!

2. Are the tours guided?

All our tours, whether on SUV, car, coach or motorcycle are guided. Hence, there will be an experienced tour leader who will guide the group throughout. The routes are fixed after careful planning with the singular objective of stimulating all 5 senses!

3. Do i need a driving license to join the tour?

Having a driving license which is valid in India is mandatory for riding the motorcycle. If you are going to ride in the pillion or travel in the support van where available, then you do not need the license.

5. What documents need to be carried for the tour?

Guests need to carry their driving license which permits them to ride a motorcycle with gear in India. International guests needs to carry a valid motorcycle riding license issued in their country along with a international riding permit and a valid Indian visa.

5. Can non-riders join the tour?

People who cannot or don’t want to ride the motorcycle can travel in the pillion or in the support van wherever provided. Note that pillion riders need to make their own arrangements for a riding partner.

6. Do i have to ride in the group?

The route as well as the itinerary is customized after careful planning keeping both safety and comfort in mind. The activities planned are scheduled at fixed times. Traffic can be chaotic in many parts of India. Hence, all guests are expected to follow the tour leader and ride in the group at all times.

7. Can i get my own motorcycle?

Our tour package includes a motorcycle as well as the service of a mechanic. Hence riding on our bikes would be hassle free and enjoyable. However, if a guest is keen to get their own bike, inform us in advance and we can plan accordingly. However, note that the mechanic may not be able to help in case there is a problem with the bike which he is unfamiliar with. Do keep in mind that even if guests bring their own bikes, they are expected to follow the tour leader and ride in the group at all times.

8. What services does the price include?

The tour price includes transport (SUV, car, coach or motorcycle), fuel, accommodation, guide, mechanic, activities mentioned in the itinerary and meals. Check the particular tour in question to find out specific inclusions and exclusions.

9. Do i have to carry my own helmet and safety gear?

It is preferable that guests carry their own helmet and safety gear. However, if someone doesnot have one, please inform us in advance and we will try to source a helmet on hire.

10. What languages do the tour guides speak?

All our tour guides speak English. Most of them also speak a 2-3 Indian languages.

11. Do i have to carry personal insurance?

Guests are expected to carry their own personal insurance for the period of the tour. We do not provide any traveler  insurance.

12. Are the vehicles insured?

All our vehicles are insured. Guests would be liable to pay for damages incurred during the tour which are not covered by the insurance.

13. Is there a tour leader assigned to all tours?

All our tours are guided and hence there will be a tour leader with prior experience of the route.

14. What is the group size of the tours?

The size of the group may vary between tours, however it is usually between 8-10.

15. Do i have to carry my own luggage in the motorcycle tours?

In most tours there would be a support van accompanying the motorcycles, which would carry the guest luggage.

16. How long would i ride in the motorcycle on a day?

The riding hours depend on the tour being taken. Please refer the tour section for specifics of how many riding hours involved in a tour.

17. How many days do the tours cover?

There are 2 types of tours currently being offered. Weekend tours as the name suggests are over the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) and involve 2 days and 1 night. Weekly tours are between 6-7 days and usually depart on Saturdays.

18. What type of food & accommodation is provided?

The food and accommodation varies depending on the part of the country being visited. The local cuisine of the region is usually offered to guests. In most places, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian would be offered while in a few only vegetarian food is served.

Accommodation type depends on the tour and the region. Well furnished and clean home stays are our preferred choice where guests get an opportunity to mingle with a local family staying near by. In other cases hotels are arranged. In specific tours where camping is mentioned, a wilderness camp is organized.

19. What happens if there is an accident?

In the unfortunate event of any accident, remain calm and let the tour leader handle the situation. First aid will be available in the touring kit. In the case of a need to visit a doctor or hospital, the tour leader will organize the same.

20. What are the cancellation charges?

The cancellation charges depend on the notice period given and are as follows-

Until 10 days prior to departure: 75% of tour cost

 11-20 days prior to departure: 50%

21-30 days prior to departure: 30%

More than 30 days prior to departure: 20%